On the exam I will be saving Port. Mgmt. for last.

This will minimize the amount of crying I do.

from someone who hasn’t done too many practice exams, what’s so tough about PM? what are they doing to the questions?.. don’t get me wrong, i’ve had some major difficulties on the practice exams i have done, but not with PM (But i see many citing that)

just study the stuff you KNOW we will see if it is that bad. IPS CML CAL APT that’s probably an entire vignette right there.

It is just one of those topics they can make very hard or go easy on you. In my own case I’m not prepared for the FCRP or ICAPM and it seems like the mocks are hitting those sections heavily. Hopefully I will have a better handle on that SS before the exam, but right now I’m focusing on other topics in case I have to cut my losses on that.

yes last year the PM section was bad !! one of the reasons m takin L2 again

I still consider ICAPM economics. I’m old school like that. Agreed PM is a beast. There is no reprise. Either you get the hard ICAPM questions, all that APT, Market Model stuff, or the subjective Joe Smith has 1MM and two ex-wifes questions.

speaking of the 1MM and two ex-wives, is anyone who pays tax assumed to have major tax concerns??

that’s the thing. especially when they start talking about tax concerns and ability to take risks, it becomes a bit fuzzy to me and almost, but not quite, subjective. i’m just all over the map on those questions. in schweser exam 3pm. i got like 6/6, but on another test i was like 2 for 6… and that is why i agree with sponge man, it’s just a section where it’s very easy for them to throw that curve.