On the exam, Will I be able to skip from functional section to section? (AM and PM separately obviously)

If I wanted to do a few quant problems, then do some Ethics, then switch back, will the software allow that?

Apparently so.

However, my understanding is that the questions are no longer segregated by topic area (i.e., they’re shuffled together), so you might have to hunt for questions in a given topic area, which won’t be particularly efficient.

CBT software does allow you to pick and choose any question for that test. There is no breakdown of topic areas at the begining like there was for previous CFA exams but there is grouping by section, just need to figure out what you’re looking at.

Assuming that the format of the exam is identical for everyone (and for fairness I assume that it is), then yes.

For me, the screen was bifurcated. On the left is the vignette, and on the right is the question and the three choices. In the middle is like an index listing each section and question by number. If a question is unanswered, it’s in green. Answered questions are in black. You can click on any particular number to jump to that question. You can also flag a question and jump back to it later.