On the topic of voting for Trump (instead of Clinton)

An acquaintance of mine − an educated man who admits to voting for Donald Trump − recently told me this:

He believes that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are egomaniacal narcissists who are unqualified to be POTUS. The reason that he voted for Trump is that he believed that it was likely that Trump would be investigated by congress during his tenure as president, and his motives questioned/challenged, whereas Clinton wouldn’t be.

What do y’all think of them apples?

so he voted for Pence basically?

I did a lot of research on this and my conclusion is that no one is more qualified to be President of the United States than Donald Trump.

So he cares only about the personal quality of candidates and not their political inclinations? Trump has already made a policy impact and his appointees will have lasting effects on federal departments. Many right leaning policy reforms are close to becoming reality. The political landscape would have been different under Hillary. Isn’t this much more important than choosing a candidate whose personality you like?

like a multi-year doctoral style research or more just google? :open_mouth:


yeah, S3000, this sounds whack

did you say to your friend:

brah, that’s whack?

have you ever read that forum? My god it’s absolutely terrifying.

I watched a documentary years ago about aboriginal Australians and googled about their propensity for alcohol abuse and the forum popped up. I must have spent hours reading it in total disbelief

Pro Trump over Hillary myself. Why? Cuz burn this mutha fuckah down!

One of the most absurd things I heard often from Trump supporters during the election is that the President has no power. I suspect your friend fell in the same trap of not really understanding the results of electing Trump or Clinton. I hope Trump helps give us a civics lesson as a country, regardless of political leaning.

the alternative was WWIII and big steps towards one world government. Trump is a beachhead in the war over individual sovereignty. People don’t seem to get that. He is being lead astray but the insider white hats have much more room to operate under trump. In any case humanity’s existential war will be fought during trumps presidency. Both sides are all in, this is obvious. This is the most important time in human history to be alive. Pick a side and let’s get it on!!

Lets get it on, lets gets it on till the early mon girl its all good girls turn me on

I take it that reading comprehension isn’t your trump suit.

It’s 2 000, not _3_000.

He’s an acquaintance , not a friend.