on the writing portion

what exactly do we have to do? paragraphs? bullet points? does the CFAI give us any guidance on what kind of writing style they want to see?

The examples from last year INCLUDING the guideline answers (read: the right answers they want to see) are on the CFAI website.

No guidance but I heard you are guaranteed 1 point if an answer is in iambic pentameter.

haha i hear that https://www.cfainstitute.org/cfaprog/courseofstudy/essaydetails.html

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Bullet point is fine as long as you actually answer the question. CFAI isn’t going to dock you marks b/c you’re missing a transition sentence or if it’s a fragment etc. Most questions are structured so that you do your calculations and you have a section to write down a sentence or two to conclude (aka Formulate). BTW, there is no way a candidate is going to actually have time to write the guideline answer. Punch out the salient points, ensure your answers effectively address the “SO WHAT” principle (i.e. Mr. Jone’s liquidity need is low BECAUSE he will not actively draw upon his portfolio until retirement, etc). And watch your time - that’s the exam killer for the a.m.!

great advice sha_carsie, thanks

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