On to Level II

Congrats to all the Level 1 folks who just passed and are looking to take Level 2 next June. Quick question:

When are you going to get started studying and what is your study plan?

On one hand, I could see wanting to take a break until January or so and get reved up then. On the other, I’m not keen on having to relearn all the stuff that I’m going to forget by then. I’m kind of thinking of doing light studying between now and then (maybe an hour or two a week) and then starting in earnest next year, but haven’t decided.

Let me know your thoughts.

For Level 1, I started somewhere in the end of Jan and had a harrowing time until the exam

Am planning to start right away and give enough time to learn the concepts. Will focus more on mocks and EOC questions from march onwards. This is the plan. How it actually goes, only time will tell

For level 1, my husband hooked me on to GOT from May onwards (yes, May!!!) and I would shamelessly reward myself every night with an episode and at times 2-3 episodes on the weekends. Planning on doing the same thing just with more time at hand and definitely some good work outs. I was a potato by June 2016

Congrats Guys! I just passed Level I as well.

Considering the fact that Level II takes things to a completely new level with the vignette style questions and more focus on depth rather than vastness of subjects, I am planning to start testing the waters from tomorrow itself. Anyways, I was bored waiting for the results for so many weeks. Life without CFA studies now feels so dull! laugh

Level 2 is a bit different than level 1.

depending on how you tackled level 1 and passed. there are no shortcuts in Level 2.

I found the level 1 exam Very straightforward and very little trick or things i have not seen before ( maybe around 10-15 question out of the 240)

for level 2 read everything and always practice practice practice.

Level 2 Exam is considerably more challenging than level 1. questions are harder and one question can ask you to recall multiple concepts to answer it . and of course they require you to have grasped all concepts from level one( IFRS/ USGAAP, ratios, derivatives etc)

I waited until January to start studying and enjoyed the rest of my summer and all of football season following the L1 pass. We spend so many months in deep study followed by the two month wait of results hanging over our heads, it doesn’t seem fair to fill the entire calendar year focused on the CFA. I personally believe in taking a nice long break to recharge.

Start early, but not too early. Your brain need to recover before it start to jump in another study round. I think around October is good enough

Congrats! I also just passed Level 1. smiley

I’ve actually already started studying for Level 2, which I’m sure some people would say is too early, but for me is the best way to make sure I really understand all the concepts well. The year ahead also looks pretty busy for me (moving to a new country and will be starting work in a totally new place), so I’ll probably need the extra time.

Planning to knock out about 1 reading every 3 days while making notes - I’m not studying on weekends - so that I finish reading the curriculum about 3 months before the actual exam. I like to play it safe!

Good luck to all other level 2 candidates - we’re all in this together!

I always started in October, putting in an hour a day. Then would ramp up in January, and again in March.

I would start earlier than you think is safe. L2 is a beast