On Track to Fail

As this is very subjective opinion, I am predicting my failure for the next level 3 exams. Primary reasons being: -Only 200hrs YTD in preparation for week ending 5/16/11 -Have yet to finish Execution of portifolio decisions, performance eval and attribution, GIPS and ethics -Anticipate just having two weeks before D day to revise and practice -Dont think can cover all past practice exam papers -Will be able to take only 3 practice exams Only remedy is putting more time but with new job starting this Monday, its going to be hard. As mitigation taking 1 week off before exams. Will fight till last minute as it feels disgusting to think of preparing again for 2012.

Are you using CFAi only or Schweser/Stalla, or a combination? If you have access to Schweser/Stalla materials simply watch the videos for Performance Eval and Attribution (Stalla does a really nice job in this section). Although they can test the equations/math in this section, it’s more likely they’ll focus on interpreting the output. For Portfolio Execution and Decisions focus in on the Implementation Shortfall formulas. After you work a handful of problems, it’s fairly straight forward. Also, review the types of traders and trading strategies. Again, fairly straight forward after a skim over and working a few problems. Both sections are rather small ~5% (each) of the exam, so you can hypothetically punt and still have a shot at passing w/o these sections. For GIPs read the Stalla/Schweser summary and memorize the Real Estate Equations. Combined it should only take you a few days. Then start taking old CFA essay exams, samples, and the 2011 mock immediately. Focus your review on weak areas exposed from the exams. If all else fails hone in on these topics – Ethics, Private Wealth, Inst’l PM, and Fixed Income – pass those and you’re in good shape. Good luck.

dhwit - Appreciate taking a look at the post and sharing your ideas. I am using Stalla. Plan going forward for the remaining material is to go through videos, do as many EOC within time constraints for each of the topics. I sure am going to look into this post many times as I do my studies going forward.