Once upon a time, not long ago I was a ho And I'm admitting it. are catholics cool with pre marital sex?


so im going to a catholic church meeting as a req to get married in a church.

are these fools going to ask retarded ass questions? like if im a belieber? cuz i believe right, but once you look at the whole situation. they dont really give a fuck about us.

are they cool with pre marital sex? are they going to ask about extra curicular activities in the past? my gf essentially told me to shut my fucking mouth on this.

are they going to ask me why i want to get married at the church? and is it cool if i say im doing it all for the gram?

do most people lie on this? is it cool to lie? can i plead the 5th?

is this like confirmation where they give us different homework? cuz honestly that shit was pretty gay. there was this 1 hot chick that wrote me a letter how she wanted to get me to open up and how im a strong silent type. so i made a move. totally misread the situation. didnt know it was a fucking letter prompt.

lastly if i fail to meet their personality tests, will i get my full deposit?

Dude you write like a 9-year old.

Don’t insult the kids like that. Maybe an ESL 9 year old :slight_smile:

Just show them your ‘gram and who you are following on there and that should clear your good name.

nerd flex but ok!

i don’t think they got their priorities straight!


:+1: :heart: :slightly_smiling_face:

If they start asking stupid questions, I advice you to go on counter-offensive and ask about catholic priests’ extracurricular activities.

haha thats what my idol duterte did.


“Only I can say bishops are sons of b*****s, damn you. That is true,” Duterte said in a speech during a groundbreaking ceremony for a school north of the capital, Manila.

Duterte did not mention any particular reason for his criticism of the church on Thursday, which included a suggestion that most bishops are homosexual.

“Most of them are gay,” he said. “They should come out in the open, cancel celibacy and allow them to have boyfriends.”

Duterte, who is not a regular church-goer, said early in his presidency that he was sexually abused by a priest when he was a boy.