one month until test day

well its cruch time

how are you going to be adjusting your study with only one month to go?

ive got about 175 study hours left (took my 2 weeks vacation prior to the test), and I really want to maximize the time i have left. So far I have down a thorough reading of all of the material and took notes and done the concept checkers at the end of each section in the schweser notes.

im having trouble deciding how best to spend the rest of my time studying. I know I need to memorize all of the formulas which might take a while, but my real struggle is spending time to re-read material, or just focus the entire amount of time on practice prblems

I’m retaking this test in December (failed in Band 10 a few years ago). Anyway, my advice is this: don’t go back and re-read material you have already read - I don’t think it’s the best use of your time. Sure, if there is an area that is of real concern, spend a little time reading over some of the material, but not too much. You need to do practice questions - lots of them. Do you have the Schweser QBank? They are a good source of questions. They also have practice tests you can take. You should also be able to get hold of past CFA practice exams from somewhere.

I’ve been through the material once, and now I’m just doing question after question after question. Memorizing formulas can be good but dangerous if you don’t understand the concepts behind the formulas and, in my opinion, the best way to do that is to do practice questions and understand the mechanics of what is being asked.

…and 175 hours is a lot of time, especially with 2 weeks out of work to prepare leading up to the exam. Of course, I think it all depends on what level you were at before you started studying.

I’m not planning on taking any time off before the exam, but this is mostly a function of my boss being a complete douche.

ah yes. you can smell the anxiousness. good luck young padawans

i think you’re right. if i do enough practice problems, I should pick up the formulas.


Work lots of practice problems. At the beginning, you can peek at the formulas, with the goal of relying less and less on notes with time.

Nothing but practice exams. Ive completed 3, and my scores have gone from 55 to 67-69%. Just gotta keep pushing until exam day. Memorizing formulas becomes easier the more questions you do.

it took me 283 hours to read through, do all the concept checkers and challenge problems from the schweser notes.

im not a slow reader, but i took extensive notes hoping that would help me remember everything. If i could go back i wouldnt take notes unless something was really important, because in that amount of time i think i could have read through everything twice

How did you increase your scores? What’s the secret sauce? I scored a 57 on my first mock :frowning:

57 seems to be pretty avergae for a first time mock. just dont let it get you down

Practice exams. Review unclear concepts in Schweser notes. A little formula memorizing, too. Good luck on Dec. 7!

James can you send me a message to please?

I am intereste in some information! thanks

@blackjack21 the secret sauce book is like a small book that covers all ofthe important sections of the 6 books but in less than 300 pages. I usually read it on the train to work. It’s basically all of the equations and information, but doesn’t go deep into detail.


I have been doing some questions of the exam avaiable in the CFA website. Is it more difficult than real exam? I say this because I have found it more difficult than EOQ of CFAI,questios of schweseer mock exam and questions of qbank. Regards

I haven’t finished reading the curriculum at all, the CFAI curriculum is way too verbose but i just don’t trust relying on the Schweser notes i have from last year, it looks like it mentions some things which don’t show up in the curriculum at all or ignores other bits which do. I’m not panicking as i have some time off work coming up.

My plan is to basically nail the big 6 study sessions, really thorough, then skim read the others, probably using just Schweser notes.

What formulas are you memorising? Or at least the most important, by Reading#

if you go through practice problems, you should be able to make a good list of formulas that you should memorize

28 days until the test date, I start feeling tired and fed up with studying although I know this is a critical time :frowning: It seems that I am not mentally in a good condition. One minute ago, I wanted to have more time to study and now I want the test date comes faster so that I can be free from this… Ahhhhhhh. I had 10 hours for studying today, time to go sleep :frowning:

prctice exams + q bank = PASS