One more stupid question

Well, I’m sure it was discussed, just can’t find it: If they ask you to give TWO requirements out of FIVE, for instance, ant there’s a template for 2 requirements - what do I do if i know more than two?

Just right two of them!! Shorter and surer ones…

Per one of the prof’s I had spoken with - they grade based on key words. SO, if question is for 4 points and ask for 2 req’s…they will look for first 2 that you write. You write another 3 more - you are wasting your time. Move on…!

^they dont necessarily look for “key words”, if they ask you 2 requirements, they will only take the first two you list, regardless of “key words”.

So, if I put 2 requirements into one cell - how do they select the one to grade? The first one? What if I put two requirements side by side? What if one of them turns out to be correct and one of them not?

I think you are over-complicating a very simple issue. They had asked for 2 req’s. Put one in a first box, the other in the second. Period. You write a third, you are wasting ur time - if anyone says they know how graders will provide scores for the third point - they are just speculating…

So you think they will not grade any box with more than one statement? Even if they are all correct? I mean, look at the answers they provide. If you look at let’s say 6 correct answers listed in the guideline, it’s quite common that some of them could be grouped into 1, some are direct outcomes of others and so on.

I am not a very fast test taker - so I always like completing the test and going back to some questions if time permits - so i stick with providing what i asked. if you want to give more than 1 answer - thats fine. Just make sure you have enough time for the rest of questions…good luck. Sometimes in sample answers - they give more than one answer for explanatory purposes.

Doesn’t the template say in 16-point, bold, flashing letters that answers outside of the template are not marked? If I was the marker, I’d take away one point for “not following what is likely the simplest sentence in the CFA program.”

I’m not talking about marking anything OUTSIDE the template.