One of our own...

I have not been around here in awhile but thought this would be an appropriate reason to return. Nuppal or ASSet_MANagement was involved in a serious motorcycle accident back in October. I had no idea until I saw him tagged in a FB video last night. Not sure who still posts around here that would remember him but if you would like to offer words of support to him or his family, you may do so here:

That’s very unfortunate. I hope he recovers soon.

No good, I was just thinking we haven’t heard from him in awhile.

Any details on the accident itself?

The only details I could gather were from Facebook. Not sure if you watched the videos but it seems like he’s beginning to make progress but they’re tough to watch. Good guy, wish the best to him and his family.

Saw this today, too, brian. So sad. Looks like he has been in ICU since early October with massive head trauma, spinal cord injuries, collapsed lung, broken femur and fingers. He’s made a great recovery so far, but as mentioned above the videos are hard to watch. Post your prayers/thoughts on the FB page his family has created for updates. I believe they are reading them to Nic at the hospital.

Found out today as well, still shocked… Hope he recovers soon and it looks like he’s making good progress

Brought tears to my eyes. Tough kid - can’t wait for him to be back. Seems like he’s got great support from his family and friends.

That is awe full,I was just wondering why I hadn’t seen him post in a while. Get well soon bud!

Man - that is really sad. I hope he can make a full recovery. Thoughts are with him.

Sh.t. That sucks. Big time. This post should be named differently as plenty of posters here would want to know. I only chanced on it. I will create a thread called the Nuppal thread and point them to this one. I remember him being big into bikes and it was discussed before. Here is the old thread. I posted as Muddahudda back then and unfortunately my words ring too true. I wish it were not so. I really hope he recovers well. I think daviskr you are friends of his in the real world, i’m sure you could pass on our best wishes.

Wow…I remember Ass_Man…he really was “da man”…always enjoyed his posts and seemed to know his shit inside out…very sad to hear this…will pray for his full recovery and hope to see him here soon.

Very good point, had not considered it. Maybe we can have Chad sticky this.

Classy time to stick in an “I told you so”. And not everyone who bikes has a serious accident, I’ve gone 9 years and many others have as well. It’s just unfortunate.

Pfff. I’ve lost two good people this year, so best we don’t go there. Again, thoughts with Nuppy and his recovery. That’s what is important now.

It’s so sad, really. It hurts to see such a nice person and his family in that situation.

Motobikes are high unrewarded beta. I’m sure he understood that. We all take risks, we are professional risk takers. Hope he gets better soon.

It’s not unrewarded, and not every biker winds up in an accident, I’ve biked for 9 years incident free and most of my friends are bikers. It’s a horrible accident, let’s leave it at that and not everyone jump up on a high horse finding ways to give a safety lecture. They didn’t sell 5 million copies of Zen and the Art of Minivan Maintenance.

Not the place for this discussion boys.

i just watched the video …truly heartbreaking …i really hope he pulls through it ok…dude cfa .thanks for reminding us of the previous chat …totally classy sutff and established u in upper echelon