one of the worst days

Until yesterday, I was quite happy. The CFA material is not really difficult for me as this is my 2nd attempt. My 5-year-old son is just able to ride the 2-wheel bike. My younger son starts to use the spoon. Today, I am told that I will be terminated as our company is acquired. And I just heard that a secondary school classmate is dead. I really cannot read anything today.

Wow i’m sorry but life goes on.

sorry to hear man… Hopefully youbounce back soon…

Sorry to hear man. Good luck for future

Sorry to hear that jogging. Take a few days rest, relax, take things in, then start back up. You can do this.

So sorry to hear that jogging!

Woah, best wishes jogging! At least you, and your two children are healthy!

yes, be thankful every day that you still have your health and family. when one door closes, another opens. best of luck and good luck with the job search

sorry to hear it man. Take a breather day of two, hang with the kids, 1 night of sorrow(booze, str!p joints, etc), then back at it.

This calls for major wrabbit action: (__/) (+’.’+) (")_(")… 1. for having a 5 yo (__/) (+’.’+) (")_(")… 2. for the second child (__/) (+’.’+) (")_(")… 3. for the lost of your job (__/) (+’.’+) (")_(")… 4. for the friend who died (__/) (+’.’+) (")_(")… 5. one more for suffering L2 again, it takes a lot of conviction. You are now the Super Bunny! Hope you feel better. (“Nephi” wrabbit designed by SWG)

Can I print the Nephi wabbit on a white T-shirt and wear it for the exam? Will it help me pass this monster.

Good idea, can I order one too? I’m also thinking of drawing this Nephi wrabbit on the cover of the exam for both sessions for good luck when the proctors are having you write your name on the cover. It will bring good luck!

you two ladies sure do like talking about wrascally wabbits

SkipE99 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > when one door closes, another opens. yeah, at your mom’s place, if you know what i mean

sublimity one of these days you are gonna get yours and I will be there. and the children will rejoice. :stuck_out_tongue:

get my…?

thanks for throwing me off my game too. i was obviously making some online headway

u are married SkipE99 (probably to a dude)

yes i was married. to your mother. you see son, i am your real father. i was too nervous to tell you in person so i made up this online name.

haha you guys are funny.