One Small Level 3 Strategy For You Guys Next Year That Worked For Me

Level 3 is really short on quantitative problems in terms of diversity. This means that the same 20 or so calculation problems rear there heads routinely in both past morning sessions and mock exams. I noticed this earlier this year and made a thread about it.

Some Examples (By all means not exhaustive): Calculate Taylor Rule

Calculate Safety Margin (Fixed Income)

Calculated some part of Implementation Shortfall

Calculate Duration of Equity with Leverage

Turn Equity with X Beta into Synthetic Bullshit, or some variation of that

CPPI vs Constant Mix vs Buy and Hold

The bottom-line is that there is a very very very high probability that you will get asked how to do these few questions because such calculations are few in the Level 3 curriculum compared to Level 1 and 2. Make a list of these types of questions and practice doing them over and over again until they are second nature. These are the only free points that you will get in Level 3. Even Ethics is a crapshoot.

The rest of the test is a subjective nightmare where you will try to do your best with what you are given. Studying for these types of questions is pretty damn hard and I think practice writing essays and lucks play a role in them.

You should probably take that down…

I don’t see anything wrong with TRH’s post. He didn’t specify that the mentioned concepts were on the June exam or discuss specific exam questions. He only listed important concepts that have routinely showed up in the morning sections of past exams and mock exams (all released by CFAI).

On that note … good post TRH.

the OP is saying that’s something he got from his expereice with mock … and fairly general topic area.

Thanks for the info OP … for next try, i’ll just down the topics on Mock, and keep a handy list.

Yep exactly. Keep a list and keep those problems that you come across handy.

Nit saying what I saw on this years test. Those who took it can vouch that the examples I gave were in no way a list of test questions.

^ No they can’t :slight_smile:

Thanks TRH…Its really very pleasant to read all your posts including how you celebrated your results in London

Please do let us know how to keep track of your posts if you are moving out of AF?

An email contact would be highly appreciative.

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Very good post TRH.

Going to be one of my strategies as well.