One Week Left....One thing to do.....

TO PASS and FINISH this ONCE for ALL!!!

So, here I am trying to gather what ever I have wrote down and to cook up a summary review for the EXAM prep.

It is just tooooooo much stuff!

Any one have a better suggestion to how should I approach this?

My plan is to hit on as many questions as possible and next week to do a last review plus mock exams.

I feel the more the questions I have been doing, the more my level of confidence is growing ( even though I have a lot of wrong answers)…

However with the weather here, Its very hard to not get tempted and go chilling outside… cheeky

I agree with Rehixx. Problems are the way to go. Reviewing the answers IS studying. Also for the MC questions, review all incorrect answers AND questions you got write but guessed on.

Also, although formulas are less important, I plan to write all formulas several times. If I counted correctly there is over 90 of them.

I’m plowing all the EOC and questions in the last week, redo’ing IPS problems in past AM’s, and focus on GIPS and ethics on the last day

i still need to learn pension assets -> pension liabilites…and am gonna do the mock exam tmrw/sunday for the first time.

Notes, ethics, eoc