One Week to Go for Results

How is everyone feeling?


dont worry u passed

Still a bit nervous, still not sure how I did!!! Anxiety is starting to creep back into my life!

I can’t study I can’t work I can’t just stay lazy! I am unable to do anything! I am just too much afraid that I would fail my second attempt! hope these days go fast and we all pass

I’ve studied Economy since June 7th. I unfortunately almost skipped that topic for the exam and I feel I scored somewhere around 10% for it. Way the hardest for me.

So I’m preparing for retaking the exam in Dec.

There are no individual cut offs, you shouldn’t be worrying.

Don’t worry about Econs. I spent the most time studying it for Level I and ended up getting <50 and I’m an econs grad as well lol. With hindsight, I probably should have spent about half the time I did on it and more with FRA.

I’m saving money for either next level or retake at Dec 2014.

@ mcmnoyxz and sonfthesoil:

Yeah I know that Econ is usually a sore point for many plus the post exam feedbacks made me feel this June it was even harder for all, but:

I was not and will not be able to score so high in all other topics to allow myself such a big disadvantage as to start practically from 24 errors (counting we have about 70 chances to answer wrongly).

I also screwed up fixed income, did some very silly mistakes in CF and FRA (which just came back to me the night after the exam), PM session I became all dizzy lost some concentration, ethics is always a bit of a black horse for me because I often have a different opinion (coming from banking industry the ethical rules are different there). These are circumstances I have to count with for every exam.

Anyhow we’ll see the results in a few days.

PS. I’m still stupid in Econ. When I have a question about which curve shifts to where I’d like to scream and run out of the world. angry

Getting to the point where I can’t remember what specfic questions I got right or what the details were related to the questions I struggled with. I’m just trying to remember how I felt from the moment I finished till about a week after.

Coming out of the exam, I didn’t feel terrible but not great either. When I finished my last mock, I remember being confident that I passed before I graded it. I was hoping to duplicate the same feeling on exam day, but it didn’t happen. :frowning: After a few days though, I started to feel better about it, and I feel like I have a legit chance to pass. I guess its all about your expectations going in. I will temper them next time.

All that being said, who knows! I am not nervous right now, but I am sure I will be once the weekend rolls around.

I have already taken the 29th off from work. If I pass, I’ll be overcome with the desire to celebrate, if I fail, I’ll probably be a little down about it. Either way, I didn’t anticipate a productive work day.

In my attempt to anticipate the feeling of passing, I don’t know if it will be more of a feeling of relief or excitement. I just REALLY hope I pass.

In my mocks, when I finished I counted how many “not sure” answers I had and if less than 70 I considered I “passed” the mock - and this was a good way to estimate.

On the exam this way I “should have” closely passed, but the night after I started remembering some very silly mistakes which I obviously had considered correct answers when having counted.

I think the mistake in my exam strategy was that I rushed through my strong parts to get them out of the way and leave plenty of time for my weak areas. Finally time didn’t help for what I didn’t know, and rushing prevented me from looking once more on the question before filling in the bubble (maybe 5-10 more secs per question).

So finally I think I will be close to 70 wrong errors but from below and not from above.

Hi guys,

Waiting for results has always been the toughest part. As for me, I enjoyed prepping and taking the exams. And as TE600 said i did not felt terrible after giving the exam. So hoping for the best.

And I’ve heard that AF’s pass percentage is way higher than the CFA pass percentage. So …