One Week to Go

So I have taken CFA AM mocks from 2014 to 2016 as well as 4 Schweser mocks and have averaged about 70-75% and am increasingly feeling like I have a good handle on the material… however, I realized that I hadn’t done CFA EOC’s (outside of Ethics and GIPS). For the CFA AM exams, I did quite well (around 80%). Previously, through the first two levels I did well leaning on Schweser, and I did the same this time for Level 3.

My plan for the final week was to do the Secret Sauce and review my mocks, but now I’m worried I’ve thrown a wrench into everything. Looks like there are a ton of EOC questions and I don’t know if it’s the best use of time.

What would you all do in my shoes?

with those marks you are gold my friend… good luck… stick to your plan