One Week to Go....

So I have one week to go and I want to know how to make the most of it. So far I’ve read all the Schweser texts, done all the Schweser and CFA questions at the end of the chapters, have done the three sample exams in which I scored in the 56 67 74 and have done the two mocks with a 63 and 68. I’ve also done the first 2 exams from Schweser Book 6. So I’ve done alot of questions but I still feel I am forgetting stuff. So here’s my plan of action for the next 7 days. Saturday - Review Derivatives and Debt (and do all CFA and Schweser Questions) Sunday - Review Corp Finance and Port Mgmt (and do all CFA and Schweser Questions) Monday - Review FSA and ethics Tuesday - Schweser Exam 3 and Go over my formula sheet Wednesday - Review Equity,Quant and Eco Thursday - Do all CFA exam questions from CFA books Friday - Review Formula sheet and pray that I pass What do you guys think … do I have a chance to pass? How is everyone else approaching the final 7?

Don’t answer questions you have already answered if you don’t have to. What I would do is start answering questions…do about 30, from whatever source, q-bank, book 6, book7, doesn’t matter. Write down the topics of anything you get wrong. Also write on your list anything you don’t know COLD. For instance you have a question on Serial Correlation and one of the multiple choice answers mentions the Hansen’s method and you think, “hmn what is the Hansens method?” White it down. Once you have 5-10 topics you wrote down, seek them out and review the entire section they are in until the weakness becomes a strength. Now Repeat: Do another 30 questions. Write down things you miss. Seek them out. Make them strengths. The key when answering multiple choices is to learn from your mistakes.

good tip ucsbfiji! i like it! much luck to you.

What is the Hansens method?

I think that is the method that corrects for both serial correlation and heteroskedasticity. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

^ correct! Hansens method corrects for both Serial Corr as well as Hetero

the White method only corrects for Hetero… we should only use the Hansen method when there is both SC and Hetero present…