One-year MBA programs

Anyone know of any decent ones? Not looking for a Harvard, upenn, stanford or any of that crap. Just something decent, wouldn’t mind doing an online program. I’d be happy with something along the lines of UNC, duke or similar that offers a one-yr program online or accelerated.

Get out of here.

Babson and Thunderbird come to mind.

Westwood, University of Phoenix, Kaplan University, ITT technical institute.

Are you serious doe?

Thanks Higgmond.

For u other two idiots, I’m just trying to be realistic. I know my shitty ass gpa from nyu ain’t gettin me into a top 10.

You said “decent, but not H/S/W”.

My friend, you have a lot to learn. There are no decent programs other than H/S/W/UTSA.

I suggest you find a hacksaw, quick.

head over the the AF armory and find the rustiest hacksaw. and then apply liberally.

and greenman: LOL on adding your own school

Don’t be knocking on U of P. My boy Shaq got his MBA there and he’ doing aight.

Northwestern has a 1 year MBA?

I was surprised to see that as well.

Kinda like the guy who goes to UNC and majors in “Cultural Geography”, then pulls down about $30m a year? (Maybe more, but who’s counting?)

So Im pretty much screwed. Haven’t heard of UTSA, will check it out.

^Don’t waste your time, kid. Only the the baddest BSD’s go there.

1 year MBA? I thought half the point of an MBA was to network. Would you want to network with one year MBA students or real MBA students?