online brokers not working

I have accounts with BAC and AMTD and both of them are timing out when I try to log on. Anyone else having a prob?

I had that a few minutes after market open w/ scottrade, but it’s fine now and it was fine at market open.

FIDELITY SUCKS, I can’t get into my brokerage account, rep said everything is down!!! THIS SUCKS!

Yes Ameritrade kept timing out on me. Very very frustrating

They haven’t worked since open, but BAC came up with a message saying I can call an investment adviser for a $100 commish. Thanks. You think customers might actually want to make a trade during this crazyness. Smells like a class action suit.

If all (or most) online brokers are not responding, it is probably something to do with what regulators are demanding of them, and so a class action suit would be difficult. If it were just one or two, it might be a capacity issue.

class action lawsuit?? The actual exchanges are having tech issues due to the volumes. As are clearing firm’s, etc… this is not necessarily due to the brokerage, they are just one link in a chain.

I wasn’t gonna make any trades anyway, but it sucks there’s no recourse if I did. I wonder if already existing trade triggers got executed.

Are you guys still having problems? With Scottrade I had two minutes of downtime five or six minutes after market open and that’s all.

Fidelity came back up about 30 minutes ago. Some securities moved against me, but really not having access to my positions was more troublesome.

BAC and AMTD are back