Online Language lessons

Any of you ever done some of those 1 on 1 language lessons on skype, Is it worth $20/hour?

duo lingo hombre

I’ve used Rosetta Stone (not quite the same, obviously) to brush up on some Spanish. There’s a function where you can chat with native speakers and have live speaking lessons that I thought were fairly helpful.

Do you have a link for the Skype lessons you’re talking about?

Verbalplanet, I am looking for conversation practice mostly. Didnt know rosetta stone had a tutor feature, i thought it was only that flashcard like thing, I will check it ou

Online Skype strip down classes are worth it if a 9 is teaching you

Not worth it. Go to You will meet people from other countries who will teach you for free on skype or whatever program you want to use to talk…I used it a lot in the past and met several different people…