Online materials?

Hi everyone, I’m waiting for my L2 materials to arrive, I would prefer to start studying now. Is there any material available by the CFA or 3rd parties on the internet which I could use to studying immediately? Even if it just covers one chapter/section it would be good to begin. Cheers --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

start with the ethics handbook! cant go wrong with that. :slight_smile: It has a money back guarantee and all their study notes are available in PDF version. There’s also practice questions and audio notes online. I haven’t really heard many people talk about them on this forum, but since I already have Schweser 08 and I’m using the CFAI books more this year I thought I’d give them a try. So far I’ve found the notes to be pretty good. I’m using them right now for the new readings on private equity and commodities.

Hello Barthezz, One question please, the ethics handbook 9th version, 2005, is the same book that was strongly recommended before sitting for CFA L1, isn’t it? or is there is something new for CFA L2? thanks! M.

SS1 is available online. The first two readings are the same as L1 (I believe) but it also includes CFA Institute Soft Dollar Standards and CFA Institute Research Objectivity Standards. Neither of which were covered in L1.

Malek, Yes it is. Same throughout the L1-L3… also cannot go wrong with soft dollar standards as a start. cheers

hey bathezz, you mean that in addition to the handbook, there is another book delaing with soft dollars? thanks! M.