online math degree?

If all goes well I will be a charterholder by the end of the year. Which is great and all but I think at this point of my carreer I really need to boost my scientific credential if I want to progress. Plus I think studying science could be very fullfilling on a personal level regardless of career aspirations.

So anyway, can anyone recomend an undergrad university program in mathematics that I could complete 100% online?

I’m not too bothered about the prestige of the school. I just want a solid math program, not too expensive and with flexible entry requirements.

I’m interested in this also

What is your career goal? Most finance jobs don’t need any type of higher level math.

be cautious. too many people have the mindset of: i’ll just keep collecting degrees/certifications and that will surely land me an awesome high-pay job.

This. Unless you’re going to be a quant or want to do financial engineering, I don’t think you need anything higher than statistics and high school algebra. You just need to know how to tell Excel to do the heavy lifting now.

Hi there! I completely get where you are coming from ! I did a postgraduate certificate in Mathematics (this comprised of 2 year long Master level modules) from the UK Open University. I recommend it!