online mock exams

hi there smiley

I’m finnishing reading books and I am wondering - do you know if there are available any online mock exams like schwesers: ?

I think that comparison to other Mock Exam candidates it’s a nice feature but schweser mock cost 100 bucks and I am looking for something cheaper…

You get a free one when you sign up for the exam

I know, but I need more. One mock isn’t enough to succeed on the exam. cool

No pain (pay), no gain! wink

I use Elan’s mocks and think it’s good but I’ve been using soleadea study plan and now wanna use their online mock They have pretty interesting price policy so you can write entire mock for USD 15 plus you get peer comparison. Schweser is also to consider but it’s damn expensive.

Hi people,

Thank you for your help. I think that $100 is to much for one mock for me even if it is schweser.

So I decided to buy elans mock exams and an online mock from soleadea.

I hope it is a good choice. cheers

Hii I’m not able to access the soleadea mocks even after paying? Is it a scam?

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I am facing the same problem, not being able to access the exam after payment.