Online Poker

what’s the situation?

been searching around a bit and nothing seems definite. any of you have a clue?

i know full tilt is back under stars and a few states are going to legalize it. how is it going to work?

we need bored middle-aged americans with disposable income. if they open it then with chinese and indians coming in the boom could exceed the original boom

Haha, the boom yar. Too good.

I know a bit about this topic and have actually created a couple threads in the last couple months on the subject. What exactly do you want to know?

As an America it is completely legal to play. Running an online poker site is a little trickier. Towards the end of 2011 Obama actually cleared the way for online poker by abolishing the federal wire transfer laws that made it illegal under federal law. Now it’s a state-by-state issue. Unfortunately that still makes it rather hard for a website since it’s nearly impossible to only allow people from, say, Missouri play while blocking someone from Kansas.

But, we’re getting closer. And, as I’ve written about on here a few times, Zynga is trying to move into the online gambling business. Here’s an article about it.

Still a lot of red tape to cut through before it’s widely accepted. In the meantime, there are plenty of off-shore sites that still let Americans play.

Such as?

Betonline is the most popular now I believe. There are several. Google is your friend.

Edit: I’ll add that while it is completely legal for a US citizen to play, the reason more of us don’t is because we got burned by Full Tilt, et al. By making the sites a legal gray area you’re pretty much guaranteed they’re run by somewhat shady people and, hence, not always sure if you’ll get a payout when you request it.


any idea if america will segregate it’s player pool?

reports are that russia is planning that.

im guessing there are no definite timelines.

Like one room for stormyhotel and one for me?

Segregate how? I don’t understand your question.

Legalize it and tax it.

never mind.

the fact that you’re so confident it’ll get pushed through told me what i needed to know.

segregate as in american’s will have their own tables,russians their own and so’s being mentioned in places, the reason given as being easier to tax.


I’m much more hopeful than confident. I’d give us a 50/50 chance we get some legit US sites within two years. Vegas has a lot of money and they’re trying their hardest to block it.

Not sure if segregation would actually make it any easier to tax. Just speculating, but I would imagine you wouldn’t have to claim winnings until you took a payout. If you leave your money at the site it would be the same as sitting at a poker table in Vegas. No winnings until you get up and leave.

Anyone know what the deal is with online sports betting? I was into that until GWB killed that ~2005-06.

Basically they killed credit card deposits so the only way to fund an account was with a bank wire. Neteller (I believe is the name) use to be the intermediary that moved money from you to the online casino. Then Neteller got killed by GWB for US residents.

I have a UK bank account. This is the way forward.