Online proctored exam

Anyone here considering sitting the Sept 20 lever 2 exam online?

haven’t made up my mind yet. anybody tried this format earlier ? how was your experience.

Also haven´t made up my mind yet. very in between.

any one with experiences?

I think I’m going to opt for it, I don’t really want to deal with a last minute test centre cancellation and then be forced into the home test - or have to deal with public transit. How they actually proctor a test online I have no idea! Am happy they are offering it either way - 3 months of studying down the drain last time was pretty rough…

Hi Everyone,
I am from Milan and I got my March 2020 exam rescheduled to September 2020 due to Covid. Since for September 2020 there were no space left in the Milan test centre and the closest place would have been Zurich, when i got the possibility for the proctored exam i went for it.
i have no idea about other countries but in Italy you must wear face mask during the exam (not very comfortable).

I think the exam will be exactly the same. Only question is about sketchnoting: would we be allowed to use a white paper and a pen?