Online Registration Link??

Hi, Can anyone guide me on the right place to find the link for online registration for the June 2008 Level III exam? When I click on “Sign up for an exam” another webpage opens up for the log-in and I dont see any menu option for registering for an exam on that page! Help Please!

What do you see after you log-in that page?

Thanks for helping… I just see these menu options none of which have any option to register for the exam!!! Account Home Customer Service Order History Events and Conferences Profile Update Personal Profile Update Professional Profile Update Work Experience Update Education Customer Service Browse Frequently Asked Questions Submit a Service Request Check status of a Service Request

I was not trying to mock. Did you try to go through candidate log in, than enrol and register

And by the way, I remember one of the people here telling that s/he couldn’t see registration link in her/his account before updating the personal profile and education.

I have the same problem. Can anyone help?

I believe the site is down. It would let me get through the entire process up until the last step. I guess I’ll have to call them on Monday.

Site is very slow… Started to register at 6PM… and am still in Step 6…I get this message: Error Message Back We detected an Error which may have occurred for one or more of the following reasons: The selected record has been modified by another user since it was retrieved. Please continue.(SBL-DAT-00523)

If you are from India, you will not see this link. Once legal matter is sorted out links will be restored…

First deadline for June 2008 exams extended to 3 October because of registration processing issues