online review exams down?

Anyone else having trouble accessing the level 2 practice exams on the cfa institute’s website? They went down this time last year, and it’s incredibly frustrating. Thanks






Seriously what the f***? Can’t they just fix it already?

ahh I was going crazy thinking it was just me lol guess I’ll review notes.

Yeah it came back yesterday after I posted this, went to do it today and bam down yet again. Happened last year, this is exrememly frustrating how they haven’t resolved these issues.

…Error ID 12499361

I had this issue yestday

It’s fine right now though


It’s still not accessible…

Same here-- nada… really bothersome…

It seems to be back today, but I have just noticed two things:

a) there are no red X or green ticket marks next to the answers any more. Can someone just confirm they are having this problem too??

(it makes it harder and in some cases impossible to determine which is the correct answer. )

b) Once I go out of set of questions I have answered I can not go back into to check the answers again… it only shows the percentages… again if someone can confirm this is feature by design please…?

(maybe it was always like this, but it means you have to review each set of questions as you complete them as you cannot revert later)