Online sample exam

Any value here or will I just get beat up?

How does the 17 question free downloadable sample compare?

I got beat up… I think there is value in that though. It has already motivated me to study more.

I love how getting kicked in the nuts on a practice test is motivating…

On Lv1, I think I got around 50% on each and ended up passing the actual exam. Don’t let it get you down!

I kicked these tests in the effin nuts. First time I can ever say that on any level. Ethics, as usual, was lame. And that one crazy ass covariance question gets me every time, i swear those bastards ask that same question every year.

Thanks. Wow the second sample was WAAAAY easier. 56% on the first, 76% on the second… I am in the mid 70s on most of my tests so I will consider that first sample an anomaly. Mostly the ethics and CFAI tricks got me on the first one.

Got a 66% on the first sampe exam and a 76% on the second. Can’t recall my scores from L1, but on L2 I think I had a 50% and 61%.