online sample exams

has anyone taken one yet? i am planning on taking the first one on nov 4th to kick of my month of review…

no not yet - will take one by mid October.

Take one as soon as possible. The questions are very similar to the actual test, and they will let you know where you are at. Ethics is harder than you think, questions are different than in the books, and the online practice exams were big for every one of us who passed in June.

malnoll, you speak from experience? how many exams did you take?

I think 4, maybe 5. I remember people on here agreeing that the third one was harder, but they all give you a good feel for the actual exam. It’s hard to study and stay motivated for months at a time. They are very much worth it though, my first one really jumpstarted my studying and what was expected. Although you can’t go back and review the tests after, you can pause each question after you answer if you want to review your answer or write the question down. Good luck