Online Schweser Classes

I have skimmed through the material once and told myself it may be a good idea to go back and watch the archived videos. I am shocked at how bad these videos are - especially after schweser touted the professor’s long history at teaching the level III material. I kept up with the schedule through class 5 and then stopped watching because I was getting no benefit. This guy stutters and messes up terms to the point that it puts me at a worse position than before I started watching. On top of that, there are countless contradictory items between the notes, CFAI material, and secret sauce notes. I may be on my own with this opinion but I want my money back. Please let me know if anyone is having a better experience with the latter classes or the other video options.

Who’s teaching the weekly online class this year?

I bought schweser vedios this year, and found them very helpful. I am a kind of visual learner and Greg Filback did a great job. I know that online classes are something different, but they use the same slides I guess. I did not find any contradiction between the notes and vedios. Caratop 1999, Would you gave us some examples of the contradictory items you noticed.

I think the first 3rd of the material is the most boring. The best way to learn Ethics, IPS, and Behavioral is to just read the text, know the examples and practice. There are a lot of subtleties that don’t get covered in the seminars but are in the text. You get some nuggets about strategy but for the most part, the seminars don’t give much insight for this material. The rest of the material is where the seminars help. FI, Derivatives, Equities, Risk, Attribution, etc are usually straightforward and the seminars are pretty much all you need. I certainly wouldn’t give up on them after the first 5. Filbeck is great because he gets so pumped up. His presentations always made me confident. Kuhlman did the online videos last year. He is a lot more deliberate and even-keeled than Filbeck, although he gets distracted easily. Both present the same information so it kind of depends on what you are looking for from your presenter. Regardless of who is doing the seminars, make sure to go over the slides a lot. They really are the best study guides.