ONLINE - SchweserStudyNotes

Hi. I am thinking of buying the ONLINE version of these notes as Hard Copy is not convenient for me. Schweser told me that due to Copyright, I will not be able to print these. This is sad as I would like to be able to have this ability. Theoretically speaking, does anyone know if there is a way to get around this restriction, if one was to proceed with the ONLINE version? Has anyone bought this yet? Can you print or you expect to be able to print down the line?

If hardcopy is not convenient for you, why print??? On another note, I am also interested as the first 2 books are out - would like to print answers for concept checks - make it easier to study.

Reading online is easy. Want to be able to print end of chapter questions as well as examples that are difficult for me to follow online. Anyway I get the impression by lack of responses on this that printing is not feasible after all.

you could download snag it or the snip it tool and take shots page by page

cfatoday thank you for this

will they not send printed books to all. I dont know if I ordered the online only or not. I can see the online book.

Hi telljimmy. can you print though?

If you check at your order confirmation, they include the first 2 books for $1 online but will send the whole set in Oct.