Online Study Group with Study Plan and Reminders

Hi everyone,

I just passed Level 2 and it was hell for me to juggle between work and study. To be honest I was very lucky as I probably only started reviewing 2 months before the exam, but I made sure I put in at least 300 hours. Although I made it this time, a lot of unpleasant things happened as a result of me squeezing all the study at the last minute instead of spreading them over a year. It affected my relationships with close friends and and it would not have happened if I had sticked to the study plan. I’m sure I’m not the only one - some people probably also went through the same experience. This experience made me think that I should organize an online study group that will help us track our own study plans. We will set up a general study plan with deadlines for LOS and I’ll send you emails daily/weekly to remind you to study!

We will be using CFAI books and Kaplan Schweser study materials. Please do not join if you’re using other study materials providers.


For busy people who needs to juggle between work and study

For anyone who will be more disciplined if there is someone ‘monitoring’ you on your study progress

Daily/weekly email reminders to tell you if you’re on track on your study plan (and make you feel bad if you’re behind

If there’s enough interest I may set up something better (e.g. personalized study plan with your own deadlines/milestones)

According to the community rules I’m not supposed to ask for emails here, so please PM me if you’re interested.