Online tests

I’m devastated. I did progressively better on the first 2 CFAI online practice test (admittedly improving to just a “barely pass”) and then despite lots more study in the meantime I just crashed and burned the 3rd one. Did anyone else have a similar experience? I’m now afraid that it’s hopeless for me to pass in December. Darn, I really wanted this and thought I put in enough study time.

15 more days… thats a lot of time… keep at it… I am sure many others (including myself) are in your shoes

Yeah i know what you mean… You would think that studying again and again would improve your overall score… But it’s really difficult to focus your attention on specific subjects… Don’t worry about it too much, im going through the same thing

txcany, this actually makes me feel better. I did the same thing. I scored an 80% on the 2nd test. I took the 3rd one a week later and got a 56%.

i heard a lot of people saying that the 3rd and 5th are the hardest

well i bombed and got 68% on the first one… it sucks when you’re fonished the exam, and it says “you have failed” =(

Thanks, friends. I’ll keep trying - but my hope has dimmed considerably since bombing test 3 this morning. It’s late in the game to say but DARN there’s SO MUCH information to know! And does anyone else feel these tests are a strange combination of really easy questions (maybe 30% or so) combined with really tough (maybe 40% at least test 3 was). What I would have expected as “medium-level” difficulty questions are almost rare. Yeah the “you have failed” message is the worst. And, I actually feel the immediate feedback “you have answered incorrectly” during the online test worked against me as I missed several in a row and started to panic - at least there’s some possibility that I’ll think (or maybe “hope”) I’m right on the real test and proceed with some small confidence.

Don’t give up. Me and my fellow June takers were in the same place and many of the regulars here ended up passing. You can still learn a lot in two weeks.