Online Trading Website

Hi All, I want to buy some stocks while they are cheap. Which online trading website would you suggest? Thanks…

lol for the first part of the question.

Interactive brokers has the lowest fees, but you need to demonstrate trading experience. Trade King is probably the next step up and manageable. Trade King also has an automatic sweep into money markets which IB doesn’t have, if you have idle cash (not a bad idea to keep idle cash in money markets at this juncture).

I use TradeKing. Gets the job done for me.

What about Scottrade, E-Trade or Ameritrade? Anybody using them?

I have used Ameritrade and E-Trade for many years, and they are both very good. Don’t fall into the cheap brokerage commission mistake, because one mistake from this TradeKing (or whoever else) and you’ll pay dearly. Go with Ameritrade…very reliable, fast, and good commission rates.