Only doing stuff from qbank enough?

Do you think that if i just keep doing qbank exams from now till exam that I wil pass level 1? I have not really read all the books in detail… i read some a long time ago for last exam but thats about it.

Do the schweser practice exams too. And all the CFAI exams!

My advise to you is to write as many practice tests as possible whether it be from QBANK, Schweser Book 6 and CFAI exams.

Would that be enough practice for the exam to just do a lot of QBank questions or all of them but not do Book 6 or CFA?

you need to know and understand the CFAi mocks, samples and some of the end of chapter questions. ignoring questions set by the institute could be a mistake.

So you think doing all of the Qbank and the CFA mock exam could be enough? What do others think?

I’d do cfa and schweser practice exams, and qbank as 3rd priority

Everyone keeps saying you should do more than just qbank and you keep asking if qbank is enough… see a pattern? Not to be rude, as I am doing a lot of qbank as well, but what do you expect to get from continually asking the question? Just confirmation that you are doing enough. Simple answer is - no. It is not enough. Sadly, it is never enough until you pass the exam? Right? Good luck though…

No true strategy is proven outside of knowing everything inside out. Usually the CFAI exams, University exams and Schweser exams are a good gauge of what your knowledge is of the material. I’ve been in the 69-75% on each. I’m not naive enough to think that one way of studying is the only way to pass.

Do you guys buy the CFAI exams from the site?

Yes. In candidate resources.