Open Bloomberg Advice

Joining an Energy & Industrials Group soon. Im in the midst of creating a flow chart of some of the metrics I will need to get after when I get there and start creating my models. Obviously i’ll need the basics and whatnot. I’m just wondering if anyone has any thumbnail correlations or any advice on data that I will definitely need to take a look at. Any help is much appreciated. merci jb

Bloomberg’s platform is great but their service is horid. It takes us a minimum of 20 minutes to get a simple question answered. Try to use another provider if possible.

I think their customer service is great. Hit help, help and someone will pop onto instant messaging with you. Ask them to call you if you want. Its a massive system so driling down to specifically what you want may be tough, and I have found that the times that it takes longer it is due to the fact that I either wasnt sure exactly what I wanted (didnt know about how many options there may have been) or I explained it poorly. I have found that 99 times out of 100, they have what I am looking for.

I’ve found that Bloomberg has access to an incredible amount of data, which is great, but that the user interface is so archaic that I feel like I’m back in 1986 computer times, except with more color. I’m sure they still have a punchcard option, probably by holding down P-C-Go or something.