Operating Assets - inclusion of cash or not


In FRA integration techniques when we are looking at operating assets, we take total assets and subtract out cash and short term investments.

In a solution paper regarding ROIC (from equity chapter) it says that 'ROIC is NOPAT/ Invested capital, where invested capital is operating assets INCLUDING cash.

Which one is it? Thanks

edit: nvm

Invested Capital excludes cash, at least as far as ROIC is concerned

I have noticed that the same term can have different meanings in different contexts (eg FRA vs Equity)

Thanks both,

Can anyone shed any more light on the differences between Equity and FRA on this matter? It feels quite pivotal. A mock exam asked about the use of cash in operating assets with ROIC and I said no impact as I was thinking of NOA from the accruals chapter in FRA which removes cash…