Operating Margin - CFAI MOCK AM Q14

I think: we can call EBIT as operating income. So operating margin = EBIT margin = EBIT/sales = (sales-COGS-SG&A-DEP)/sales core operating marging = (sales-COGS-SG&A). RIGHT? BUT CFAI MOCK AM Q14, Operating income/sales = (Sales – COGS – SG&A expense – R&D expense)/Sales??? WHY, any ideas? thx

different topics of their curriculum have their quirks. #14 in the mock is in fixed income and we all know those terms pop up everywhere else too. just don’t let it confuse you. be aware of what is going on in which topic. i felt the same way a month ago. my flashcards were by topic and now i’m seperating them by reading. easier to compare and distinguish…

Where else would you remove RnD - has to be taken off before getting to EBIT if RnD is part of day to day operations - its there then use it