Opinion- How to Review???

I’m a retaker and I’m still struggling to review the materials…

I haven’t tried to take a practice exam just as yet as I figure it doesn’t make sense to try to practice a full exam until I go through the materials one more time. Is there anybody out there who still hasn’t written an exam yet? I find it’s astounding that so many people are able to do exams, when I’m still trying to review everything? Does anyway suggest that I try writing a practice exam before I review everything again? I’m off for the next four weeks so hopefully I’ll have enough time to put in to catch up

The regular posters on AF are the top 10 perfentile, you would definitely not want to compare to them.

I still have to review a few readings and still have to start taking practice exams, so we are at prettu much the same pace.

Keep it going, slow and steady and we will get through this together.

Since you have 4 weeks to prepare and don’t have to work, you’re ok in terms of timing. And yea, don’t compare yourself to people who have already read everything 3x or something by now.

These last weeks is the make-or-break time

do you guys have some routines that you force yourself to maintain on a daily basis in regards to memorising the materials? for me, when i wake up i do all the option strategies (risk mgmt) + derivative strategies (fixed income portfolio mgmt)…then before i sleep i try to run through the BF biases and GIPS stuff/dates through my mind…

0 exams here…

Wow, ok thanks guys, that makes me feel a lot better… I figure I can still put in another 120-150 hours or so. I’m on parental leave, so I’d still like to see my kid a bit : ) I’m just going through the secret sauce and reviewing all the materials and then I figure I’ll try to hit the exams, maybe in a week and a half from now…

DO one exam. you will find your weak areas right away. then go thru material one more time focusing on those weak spot.

dont be afraid of seeing an ugly score.

the more wrongs you do now, the more right you will get on that day.

I did some old exams after going through CFAI once. but did it with open book and wrote down the necessary formula on a different sheet. so i know what has been tested heavily and than go back to book and review those again.

gulp … i havent started a single exam…still got some equity portfolio mgmt to learn.

Im starting my first mock exam on saturday (Boston society). I don’t feel I’d be ready by then but at least I will be able to find weaknesses and practice in a real time situation. People who write in this forum are usually excellent performers…

i’m still going thru GIPS. hope to be done with everything by today and start my review. I only took one week off before the exam. Hope I’ll have enough time.

I am 70% through my review of highlights, key questions, blue boxes, eocs in schweser and the CFA material. I have a light work schedule and the week prior to the exam off. Plan is to finish up the review by wed thurs and then get through the Schweser Mock, Schweser Book 1 of tests, CFA tests 2006-2011, CFA mock and sample and review them with a 4-5 days to review everything and redo key questions before the exam. That puts me at 150-190 hrs left. Anyone have any comments/suggestions for me?

I’m in a similar boat and haven’t started any question practise yet. I’ve read through all of the material except ethics and GIPS. I hope to have read through those three study sessions this week and then will be doing EOC questions, Schweser and CFAI. Then, I’ll try and fit in as many practise exams as I can and work on any weak areas in the time I’ll have left. Like someone said above… it’s these weeks that are make or break time.

Make sure you review the CFAI past morning exams even if you don’t try and sit them as a mock. The variety of material and questions is great and the model answers are really useful - especially the IPS stuff.