Opinion - Masters in Economics (top 10 UK uni) + FRM - no job

Hi All,

I would appreciate your input about the following: I have an Economics Masters (with Merit - not distinction) from a UK university (top 10) and passed FRM Part I and on top of it have some very decent work experience of over a year with an American Asset Manager, but can’t find a job in Investment Management (entry level roles).

What can I do? Used cold calling through LinkedIn etc. but everything is in vain.

Thank you!

Wait what is the difference between AM and IM (I’m assuming you’re referring to public markets)?

AM = retail funds, IM = representing institutional investors on a separate account basis?

how does your post relate to my request for an opinion/judgment? AM and IM are irrelevant here I am afraid…

Genuinely curious… Love ambiguous industry jargon/terminology

What was that decent experience that you had and what kind of roles are you looking for? Since you have taken FRM, I am assuming risk management related? RM job ads are all over my linkedin careers page, and there seem to be quite a lot of them on the other job boards. You may consider doing RM consulting and then try to move to an asset manager?

If you are looking to do stuff like ER, you shouldn’t expect that passing FRM exams will help with that. You need to give us a bit more information if you expect feedback… What do you want to do, what jobs and internships have you had so far, where do you want to work (geographically - sine I believe recruiting will depend on the region), how long have you been looking for a job, what have you tried so far, why do you think you haven’t found anything yet, etc.

There are a lot of graduate programs in London starting in the fall, have you applied already?

yes, more information is needed. you say you have decent work experience with an American asset manager. first, one year isn’t much time, and second, if you did something like back office work, not only does it not help you, that experience may actually hurt you