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I have an interview tomorrow, and it’s for a position within in the same compay. I have 2 questions, about the questions, I plan on asking in the interview. I basically want to see if you think they are okay to ask, without making me appear uninterested in the job. First, let me tell you that I currently am in a BO role, which I started after graduation in December. This position for which I’m interviewing is MO. (or at least so it seems) I am sitting for L1 in Dec, and eventually would like to become a trader. (I think the faster I get out of the BO the better!) I don’t need to work at Goldman, or the alike, and frankly would love to stay where I currently am. The trading floor here is run by a fellow alum, and I think the CFAI alone would carry a good amount of weight here. Also, I don’t think an entry level trading job is totally out of the realm of possibility, after passing the 3 levels. In fact, there are a few of positions open now, and some of the p. reqs are 1) “progress” toward a CFA, and 12 mos in the financial industry. With all this said, do you all agree that the MO role is more conducive to what I want to do?? I guess I’m kind of scared to ask these questions, because I don’t want to seem like I’m just hopping from job to job. (Especially considering they are interviewing me, and I’ve only been in this job for about 3 mos.) So any advice you can give is greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance! 1) Specifically, would you consider this to be a MO or a BO role? 2) What are some potential exit opportunites from this position? 2a) Could this lead to a job on the trading floor? I have some other questions, but they aren’t very relevant for this, so any advice here is appreciated!!

  1. Don’t know what MO or BO means 2) I would reword this question to make it look you are interested, but will get yo the same info. I would say “which are opportunites for this position” 3) If trader was not one of the answers for number 2, I would ask " How can this position help me to get into a trader position at some point" GOOD LUCK !!!

Thanks! I guess I shold have mentioned I was trying to figure out how to decide if this a MO or BO position without actually asking? What are some questions that would really distinguish the 2?

  1. you dont describe the role anywhere…why does it matter if its “BO” or “MO” anyway if its progress toward the job you want in the company you want?

I have no idea what Middle Office is. Don’t get caught up on nomenclature.

Dont tell them your internet name is DustyBallz

GenY Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Dont tell them your internet name is DustyBallz That’s some of the best advice I’ve ever heard. But, imho, you shouldn’t ask any of these questions (and hopefully, you haven’t). I have no idea what the role is b/c you haven’t mentioned it anywhere, but if I were you I would probably ask questions along the line of: 1. What are the skills I should hope to gain from this role (this should hopefully give you an idea of what you’ll be learning and you can extrapolate from there if it fits a FO role)? 2. Who in the organization would I be dealing with on a daily basis (this’ll let you know if you’ll have any face time with the FO and thereby have the opportunity to build a relationship with them)? 3. What happened to the last guy/gal who worked in this role?