Opinions of Scheweser Mock Exams

I just finished my second one and I am disappointed with the format of them. Obviously it is more beneficial to do the CFA exams for past years but I find the organization in the Scheweser mock exams lacking consistency…

Anybody else feel the same way or am I out on a island here?

A few have expressed similar concerns. CFAI mocks and imo the BSAS mock most closely represent the real thing. However, I find the answer explanations from schweser mocks far more beneficial than any other mocks I have done. Explanations cover why the answer is what it is, as well as why the other choices are incorrect. For AM papers they also provide a detailed scoring key and alternative answers which could be equally right. This is way more than you get from the CFAI guideline answers. Regardless of criticisms about their structure and questions and whatever else, there is no doubt that I have gained/learned way more by doing schweser mocks. Doing a CFAI mock has helped me familiarise with the structure and types of questions, but not much else

I agree. I felt the format was very different from the format of the actual exam. On the actual CFAI exams, they tell you a bit and ask you a question, then tell you a bit more and ask another. On the Schweser they often just write the whole thing out and then ask you like 4 questions in a row so it takes more time to do the question in my experience.

I also find the Schweser exams are more difficult so my grade is usually more disappointing than the grade I normally receive on the actual exams. That being said, I’m still doing them as I feel I gain a better grasp of the material. I do like the PM sections very much as they test material that does NOT normally appear in the AM sections of the CFAI exams. I am consistently scoring approximately 70-75% on the PMs which has always been my litmus test for being where I need to be.

I agree. I didn’t like the way they were written, and agree with the previous poster that they throw like 4 questions at once at you. On the other hand, I think that the CFAI mocks (the multiple choice, not the written) are overly challenging. I found with level II that the mock was extremely challenging, but the real exam was not as challenging.

Agreed with everything written. There’s definitely something lacking to their AM format, but I think it’s made up for in their scoring rubric, explanations and the fact that when combined with a subsequent PM you’re given a good representation of the entire curriculum in one complete mock. It’s really hard to piece together a complete CFAI mock with past AMs, two random PMs and the topic tests in one sitting.

I made past CFAI’s my priority over the past month but I’m doing a few Schweser AM/PMs now and I think they’re definitely adding value, just in a different way.

I have dually utilized Schweser and official CFAI material for the past two levels and have consistently found that Schweser does a better job of imitating what the actual exam will look like, with the exception of the actual exam being somewhat easier than a mock - which is my main gripe with Schweser.

Shweser, in my opinion, over-prepares you for what potential complications may arise (driven by Schweser’s hugely diverse bank of questions) which takes away the focus of a broad fundamental understanding of each section, which has hurt me in the past.

My guess is that, come exam day, the test is 3/4’s the diffuclty of the average of all the Schweser mocks (v.1-6) and, style-wise, the questions are almost identical to Schweser mocks as opposed to official CFAI mocks.

As a level 3 retaker (and someone who has utilized Schweser at all 3 levels) I can tell you that this is not true. The Schweser mocks are not representative of the actual exam for level 3. The AM Schweser mocks are not useful practice in my opinion - stick to prior year actual exams. The PM exam, at least last year, was much easier than both Schweser and CFAI. AM was brutal.

Ahhh, okay - thanks for the heads up, Mjh. A wave of anxiety just washed over me haha, but better a week before than a day before. Gracias!

Did anyone write the Live Schweser Mock Exam last weekend? I found it was really challenging. Was super disappointed with my score int he AM of 61% and even more so disappointed with my PM score of 65%. The average score in the AM according to performance tracker was 49% and 59% in the PM section. Is this accurate? Did anyone else try this?


Schweser PM s are probably too hard compared to topic test and official mocks… Seems like they like to complicate things an extra step, or derive an equation that is unlike something CFA has asked in any BB/EOC I feel like CFAI always throws a few soft balls… Still the Schweser exams are good practice