Opinions please

I just wanted to get some opinions on whether or not you think this would meet the CFAI’s work experience requirement. I’m leaning slightly towards no but I asked one other person and they said yes. Also, is it me or does the position seem “mistitled?” Whenever I see attribution I think performance analyst. Thanks in advance. (I tried to use the search function but “quantitative” gave results that were related to the curriculum) Quantitative Research Associate Category: Investments Department: Equity - Quant Job Description: Using discretion, detail and judgment, provides data analysis and presentation to all areas within the Investment Departments. * Use knowledge of investment principles to determine report requirements, appropriate data sources, calculations and formats. Design reports using internal and external databases. Test and implement. * Run scheduled analytic processes, including portfolio attribution, board reports and weekly fund reports. Utilize solid knowledge of investment principles and quantitative research methods, check data and troubleshoot. Look for anomalies and trends. Research and correct if necessary. Use judgment to alert research analyst and portfolio managers to unusual findings if appropriate. * Develop process to systematically gather data for analysts and portfolio managers to assist in research and portfolio management. Work closely with research analysts and portfolio managers to understand research and business needs. Assess reporting requirements and develop reports or other analytical tools to best answer the particular research question. Suggest alternatives or make recommendations to ensure an ideal solution. * Assist in development and/or implementation of new analytic tools and systems. Provide testing, documentation and quality assurance support. * Research and recommend changes to purchased data sources, processes or research workflow to improve departmental operations and efficiencies. * Assumes additional responsibilities as required.

hrm…sounds like this should be a question directed to the CFAI…i hear they are hoping to get a help desk shortly…be patient.

Everything you have mentioned is a sure NO. The only part that would count is: * Assist in development and/or implementation of new analytic tools and systems. ( I am assuming they are referring to “trading” tools and systems.)

Yeah, This one is close but I would give you the benefit of the doubt. This is CFAs “Mosaic” Theory thingy when you think about it. Although you aren’t doing the actual investment decision making process, your highly close proximity to the process in this role would make you pretty well prepared to hold the Charter on your office wall. Willy

You should have no trouble selling them on that, there’s plenty to work with there. I got credit for a much crappier job than that, although that was several years back and they may have become more strict.