Opportunities for CFA in Houston

I passed Level III and got CFA designation last year. Looking for a career change in Houston area. I have to say it’s much tougher than passing the tests! This spring, reading posts on analystforum is my project, instead of reading Schewer study notes. It’s a great site with lots of very helpful and gernerous memebers here. Does anyone have any contact in Credit Swisse in Houston? They posted an opening on local chapter. I applied with no response. Who knows the story there? What other shops in Houston area are hiring ER associate who has MBA degree, CFA designation and oil&gas industry experience (2 years)? Any comment or suggestion is appreciated!!

How did you get your charter? You should fail based on the title of this thread alone. “Opportunities for CFA in Houston” Not to sound like an ass, but c’mon man.

I have a contact for CS ER- Ennrgy in Houston. That role was open for over a year. They wanted someone with exp and used MR to staff the job. They run pretty lean as do many of the IB’s in houston. Send me your resume. We are hiring for two people in research roles.

I apologize for the snarky comment above. Where’s my edit button?

screw that… it was funny as sh*t