Opportunities in Dubai?

Has anyone on this forum given much thought about looking into opportunities in Dubai? I have just started looking, and I’ve found that there are some good opportunities. I’m just wondering if anyone has made the jump to work there or if anyone else has opinions on Dubai either way.

Do a search on ‘dubai’

Lots of Canadian CFAs in Dubai.

Like I said I’m thinking of going out there (if my contacts come through.) Just thought I’d check on here to see what others on here have to say about their experiences there.

It generally seems like the market in Dubai is geared towards people who have been in the industry for awhile (i.e. minimum 5 years experience). Is this always the case?

I would think so …atleast in finance since thier industry is very new and still developing . They are trying to model themselves after the european/ north american markets .

It also seems to be more for accountants or retail banking people rather than capital markets…I wouldn’t mind going there or Singapore as London is getting bad. I’m an economist on the macro side.

‘Lots of Canadian CFAs in Dubai.’ why did you have to edit this 3 times?