Opportunities in Fashion business


I know article talks about top MBA grads and cool fashion companies who run operations at a smaller scale. The Montreal based fashion retailer I work for is one of the largest in Canada. According to my analysis I couldn’t find many MBAs in company for product analysts or merchandiser roles. This seems like an opportunity for me because if I would’ve chosen bank sales role then every single person is MBA there and I would’ve lost the competitive advantage.

I’m doing pretty good in my management role but I want to move up in the chain (maybe corporate) and potentially earn more in next 2-3 years. What other roles should I be targeting? Brand manager?

I know this forum is for finance but most of the pro who live in New York understands this industry so I am hoping I would get some idea of how should I plan my next move?

This belongs in the Careers section where it will be ignored more appropriately.

I’m not sure I’d use a 4 year old bloomberg article as a good source for trends.

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No one has a clue what you should do in the fashion industry. This is like your 3rd post on this since you took the new gig, go ask fashion people. Its kind of like when you decided the CPA was the way to go not the CFA and then posted tons of CPA related crap

Isn’t there a reddit thing for this kind of stuff ? How is Itera supposed to know about fashion ?

hahaha this made me lol. atush for months shit on CFA exams, talks about CPA and now sells suits. I like him keeping us up to date on his life, we’re eliminating survivorship bias in the forum

itera knows everything!!