Oppsies...I was studying FCFF

I was studying FCFF last night in the library, and I was all focused and working through problems, then all of a sudden I was boogying on the dance floor in a country bar with my shirt tied up, bra showing, and a cowboy hat on my head.

I recall being so happy I got down on all fours and humped the dance floor. I was making comments like how you need liquidity and volume to get filled.

This was all completely sober and I left before midnight because I knew I’d turn into a pumpkin.

Canadians are crazy…

If you haven’t gone crazy by this point, you may not pass.

I got motor-boated by 3 of my friends

apparently I am not going to the right bars.

I want to party with her right after the CFA Exam, I bet she’ll really be ready to let loose then

keep in mind that letting looser than this would probably result in encarceration, wich is a violation of the code of ethics unless its civil disobediance.

Yes, come party with me. I picked out a dress today.