Optimal strategy once 1st reading is Complete?

I will be done my 1st reading this Sunday. I am not sure where to go from here: - Do a second reading? Skim through the pages? - Go through CFA summaries of each study session? - Maybe do all EOC CFAI problems right away? - Start to memorize the qualitative details before hitting the questions? - Go straight to Mock exams and learn form mistakes? - Other? What is your approach?

Do blue sections and EOC Q’s

Agree with Janakisri. It is early enough where you can do the EOC’s twice actually. Last year I did the EOCs as I went through my first read, then did them all again during the last 3 weeks or so and thought they were a big help on exam day.

I’d go through the summaries and do the EOC questions.

By the way, I prefer Schweser’s Secret Sauce to the summaries in the CFAI books.

Thank you guys. I am going to do the EOC Q’s from Schweser for a second time and at the same time do CFAI books EOC questions. If further suggestions/advice comes along, feel free to share.

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After you do EOC questions, you should do one of the sample tests from Schweser book 6 to assess your retention and time management. Then, review the sections you are weak and do the old CFA exams. That’s my plan for the second week of April. Good luck!