Optional Reading

Ok, so I think I’ve gotten a headstart on the curriculum readings. One thing that confuses me is the so called “Optional Reading” sections that are suppossed to be scattered around the text. I hope, and I mean I really hope that the books I received are defective as I have come across only one short section that was optional. When I first received the books I got my hopes up when I realized that these fat obese books are not all required reading because some of it may be bs. Has anybody who has made it to Reading 25 (leaving book 1 and ethics for the end) encountered any optional reading segments? Or is this just wishful thinking in the extreme. Oh, and I decided to get the Schewer books…kind of light. I think I’m feeling better about myself for picking up the CFA curriculum. If they gave me no choice about receiving the curriculum, surely they expect me to read it.

There are around 15 optional pages in Book 4 and Book 5. Also, look at the CFA errata. In book 2, the section on behavioral finance, there is around 40 optional pages.

French Connection UK. I’m sure I read those 40 pages. Thanks.