options excel sheet

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this is an excel sheet i made, it allows you to draw options stratagyies, the stratagy can be made up of 5 different components (stock, call, put), each can be sold or baught, and you can have an infinite number of the same item

nothing fancy, i did it in 10 mins, you can play around with it and see what different stratagies will look like, work in the range of 100 cause thats what i did it for…

i can easily modify it to show graphs of each component, and many things, but i started with this basic sheet, let us see if someone out there is interested enough to do some modifications,

ps i did not make it very sophisticated, so i f you are not using one of the 5 options slots, dont leaves values in it else it will mess up your graph

here are a few pages of notes, i made for my own use so that i dont have to review, someone might find them usefull, i used the excel sheet while i was studying to think about options, and i put the screen shoots in the notes.