options for phone calls to US from oversease

I am travelling overseas for a couple weeks next month. My carrier is Verizon. It seems that they charge a lot of making calls back into the US. (maybe they all do) Anyone have any suggestions/tips for making calls while travelling overseas? I plan to use skype when I can, but I need something wireless. Thanks

Isn’t there a skype app for iPod Touch and iPhone? Could use when you have Wifi at a coffee shop or something. Otherwise, some type of prepaid calling card is probably going to be your cheapest option.

Viber for iPhone can help if the people you call also have it. I forget the details, but my friends in Brazil really like it. In the old days, before VoIP (do those days really qualify as “old?”), one technique was to make a collect call, have the call refused, and the people on the other end would call you (presumably using one of those cheap card plans you can get here in the US). Obviously that requires more coordination, but maybe that will work for you.